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I made another User. -________-
So add me:

Hehe, the only reason why i made it was because my sister is a stalker. O.O
Im playing. (No im not) x]]
But i did make the other account for posting up fics.
And this one is just.. watching over?
Haha, well, please add me. :]

Yumiko;;Sky. :]

Current Location:
Crying in this DarkRoom
Current Mood:
annoyed annoyed
Current Music:
I miss you tonight - JJExpress
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'Yoo~~ :D
Its been awhilee, since i requested anything... And the last request was 5 weeks ago. >.< (:
Well, im looking for any MP3s by Hey!Say!JUMP.
Or others....
OMG, BAD NEWS. Collapse )

Current Location:
In my cozy Green Bed. :]
Current Mood:
cold WHY BE COLD?!?!
Current Music:
Next Dream by Ko-Chan. <3
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